About Konnect

Konnect is a new social media website unlike many of the well know social media platforms such as Google, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and others.

This social site is Exclusive #Strictly4Gs ! 13239191_1002582543113050_4359652763294578945_n.jpg

KanD Johnson is an Amazing Illustrative Singer, Songwriter, Producer, CEO of Real Raw Records Inc the first Charity Record Label in History. She currently reside in Morristown NJ, but originally from Houston, TX. She has an Explosive Voice similar to the Legendary Tina Turner. KanD is the best Black Female Rock Singer. KanD is known for her unique style which earned her the title, “Oprah of Music” because of her invaluable vocal range and ability to execute all genres of music extremely well. She draws from the experiences of a hard life to create #visualsound. She is a professional motivational speaker who has a unique style of relay complex #business strategy by demonstration with original songs. She offers custom music to her clients tailor made for your special occasion! http://www.kandjohnson.com


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